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Amy Lee

Founded in 1980 in Houston, TX creating a wholesale national distribution, ten years later international distribution but always with the brides taste to involve in the creation of master pieces that became in the number 1 sale dresses in the industry. Thank you for your preference for all our dresses line.

Amy Lee Bridal
Proudly An American Company

Custom Made Dresses

Amy Lee President and Owner of the Amy Lee Bridal Corporation. Feng Han Accounting and Office Manager. Nino Plazola Public Relations and General Manager. We wish the best for you, and your family. Thank you for all those years sharing business, and friendship together.

AMY LEE is an International designer with experience to create your dream gown that fit perfect to you, doing of your wedding day the most beautiful experience for you and the families around you.

Amy and her family likes to say thank you for your preference for all those years, you was a client, partner, and friend!

Now is time to say good bye, time for retirement, share time with my family to pay back all the support, and sacrifices for all those years of hard work.

Our Building

it's sold !

The beautiful adventure we create 

with family, workers, and lovely customers is over, cause now is time for the family to enjoy retirement.