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Something Special for the Maid Of Honor

With your wedding day approaching fast, taking care of what your maid of honor and bridesmaids will be wearing is an important part of the prepping process. Choosing the right dresses matters a lot, because this will greatly impact how your special event will look from the outside – not to mention that you are going to take lots of photos with your bridesmaids and maid of honor, and you definitely want them to look good. But, how are you going to choose the most suitable gowns considering the many styles available? You can go for styles that either complement or contrast with your dress, but it will surely be difficult to know which one will truly make the entire wedding stand out.

For the Maids of Honor

Besides the search for gorgeous dresses for the party of bridesmaids, you will need to also consider your maid-of-honor – that special girl or woman who is the closest to you, the bride. Your maid of honor should definitely stand out from the rest of bridesmaids, but they should not be too outstanding either, as they should necessarily create a beautifully complemented ensemble for your wedding.

Some brides elect to have their maid-of-honor wear a gown that is just a shade lighter or darker than the rest of the bridesmaids. This keeps the continuity of the dresses the same, but helps to single out the favorite maid. This also helps on the budget, as a separate color rarely ever costs extra. Plus, it has the added benefit of reducing the envy and possibly hurt feelings of the rest of the party.

But, other brides elect to go all out and purchase their favorite GF with a dress that is similar to, but several degrees more expensive that the rest of the bridesmaids. This would be a fine way for the bride to show her appreciation for all the months of planning that the Maid-of-Honor probably went through before the ceremony.

Something Special for the Maid Of Honor
Bari Jay 1530

Consider the floor length Bari Jay 1530 bridesmaid dress with its adorable strapless sweetheart neckline, asymmetrical bodice and ruched panels that will draw emphasis to the upper body. This gown is offered by Bari Jay in dozens of colors, all of which will compliment any wedding theme.

Something Special for the Maid Of Honor
Bari Jay 1531

If you want your maid-of-honor to wear a dress that more closely resembles the wedding gown, you can try the Bari Jay 1531, which features simple spaghetti straps holding up a v-neckline. The empire waist silhouette with a ruched surplice bodice will complement any body type beautifully.

Something Special for the Maid Of Honor
Jordan 953

For a more refined appearance, opt for Jordan Fashions, 953 style, which is going to emphasize the feminine attributes of any woman whilst giving her an elegant look.

Something Special for the Maid Of Honor
Jordan 642

If you prefer the maid-of-honor to wear a dress that will compliment, but contrast with your white bridal gown, then consider the Jordan 642 strapless silhouette, a knee-length formal ensemble that stands out with its extravagant cluster of crystal beadwork that tells everyone that this is a special friend.